Company & Craft

Currently, Company & Craft is suspended.

Do get in touch if you are interested as we hope to start again soon.

Our Company and Craft group is exactly what it says.
Enjoy some company while trying your hand at a new craft activity.


We were meeting on the First Friday of each month in the Reed Hall between 2.25pm and 4.30pm.

The cost is usually £2 and this includes all materials and a cup of tea!

An example of the card making  An example of the Ribbon Craft

These pictures show examples of the Card making and Ribbon Craft

Each month we aim to try a different craft but company is equally important - so if there's an afternoon you're not sure about, still come along and enjoy the fellowship & a cup of tea. Your friends are welcome too.

We hope to meet again soon in the REED HALL at the back of Sidwell Street Methodist Church for further details please telephone

Valerie Peek 01392 461201 or
Margaret Fogarty 01392 467354

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