Wednesday Fellowship



This Social Group usually meets on the 1st Wednesday evening of the month in the Reed Hall (up the alley) at the side of
idwell Street Methodist Church at 7:30pm.


We have a speaker giving an illustrated talk
followed by discussion over tea, coffee and biscuits.

  • 7th February   Tim Hurrell -  Christians Against Poverty
    debt counseling in Exeter
  • 6th March  Tim Goodwin - Chair of Trustees, Exeter Community Initiatives
    The Work of Exeter Community Initiatives

  • 3rd April   Rev. Sheila Swarbrick - Rector of the Parish of Central Exeter and a chaplain at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
     Hospital Chaplaincy in Exeter
  • 1st May  Dr Roger Auster -  Centre for Resilience, Environment, Water and Waste, University of Exeter
     The Re-introduction of Beavers in Devon

  • 5th June   Dr Ewan Woodley - Department of Geography, University of Exeter
    Highs and Lows: our ever-changing weather

  • 3rd July  Heather and Chris Gould
     Across Europe to Poland

  • August, no meeting
  • 4th September  Rob Shridan
    The US Presidential Election

  • 2nd October Wendy Brooks 
    Travelers Through Time

  • 6th November  Nathan Hill
    From Darkness to Light: giving back

  • 4th Dec Prof Stewart Barr
    By Train to Barcelona   

Everyone is welcome to our meetings starting at 7.30pm

For further details please email Stewart Barr


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